Kalihi Valley Ice Ponds

(FEB 28, 2012)  The weather was nice and sunny in Kalihi so I decided it would be a good day to try Olomana 3 Peaks for the first time with my hiking buddy, Ben. But of course, the weather was crappy and pouring on the Windward side.  Sigh, always the case.  So we drove back to Kalihi and I decided to take him to the Kalihi Ice Ponds.  I first heard about the ponds when I stumbled upon a hiking site last December and discovered that there is a hiking trail in Kalihi Valley with 3 ponds and water falls. 20 years in Kalihi and I did not know that! I did the hike alone in late December and got to see the first pond.  This time, we got to see 2. I would’ve wanted to search for the 3rd one, but I had a lunch date with one of my gfs.

If you want to go on this hike, take the Likelike exit and drive all the way to the end of Kalihi Street until you reach a sketchy wooden bridge ahead.  Park on the road and walk it across the bridge and keep going straight until you see a closed gate.  Don’t worry, you can go around it. The trail is cemented all the way to the first pond, which takes about 15-20 minutes? I don’t remember. I’m a girl…directions and distance/time estimation aren’t my strengths. So, it is to your discretion wether to follow my tips. You’ve been warned so don’t blame me if you get lost. Anyway, to get to it, you’ll need to climb down muddy, slipper slope using ropes (fun stuff).  I don’t quite remember how to get to the second one, but take the right fork immediately after the first pond.  Then go with your instincts and follow the sound of the water 😀


First falls


Second falls…Ben jumped out of the lower rock on the right.  I made him jump one more time before I had the guts to do it myself.  It’s deeper than I thought.  I didn’t reach the bottom. And the water was freezing cold.




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